Safer Family Law Support Group

Rallying for social justice and change in the law - this group is for anyone who wants to get involved and help promote change

The Safer Family Law Support Group also offers direct guidance and support from mothers who have experienced the Australian Family Law system. Email and/or phone support (Please email first for phone contact numbers).

Safer Family Law Support Group (SFLSG) aims include:

  • things we can do to target the government to change the laws
  • come up with a game plan on how to push for change
  • tips on what has and has not worked for you in family law courts, to help each other
  • support and understanding for those of us going through this nightmare (as only we can truly understand how horrible this is for us and our kids)
  • hold meetings for all people rallying for change in a central location in Sydney
  • organize for ourselves as one voice Australia-wide.

Please send this link to anyone you think may be interested, or if you want to join forces with us. United we can make a difference and protect our children.

Safer Family Law Support Group Coordinators
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